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Baldness is a common issue we are familiar of. Getting rid of it is time consuming, expensive, and uncertain. We have seen numerous ads and promotions of clinic that claim to provide a better treatment to this health issue, but most of them fail to do so. Baldness is not a serious health issue but just enough to ruin a personality. If you are tired of trying everything and have finally decided to get hair transplant and are looking for hair transplant in Srinagar then we would recommend to you to go for Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic.

Somewhere a bald head makes you feel uncomfortable and unconfident and somewhere it lowers your self esteem therefore it is good to have a head full of hair and hair Implantation is the unbeatable solution to this problem, And If you are looking for hair transplant In Srinagar then Dermawave Clinic will be the most beneficial for you to have your hair transplant because of its low cost and excellent services.

After all, outer beauty is a reflection of a good inner health. Maintaining good health is must, so is a healthy appearance.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant Surgery is the most effective way to cure hair loss, hair damage or uneven hair problem. As the satisfactory treatment result is concerned, Dermawave is the best proven solution to all your hair problems we would like to refer Dermawave Clinic for your hair transplant .

The Dermawave has their open clinics in various locations to serve such as Panipat, Kurukshetra, Ghaziabad and Jammu & Kashmir.

As this article targeted to the victims of hair problems looking for Hair Transplant in Srinagar range, We would like to suggest them to visit the Dermawave Jammu & Kashmir branch.

Address: Dermawave Skin, Laser & Hair Transplant Centre 436-A, Gandhi Nagar, Opposite to Dussehra Ground, Jammu - 180004 Distance travelled from Srinagar to Jammu & Kashmir is only 300km that may take 7 to 8 hours to reach at max. So, people who are looking for a good hair treatment in Srinagar may consider visiting Dermawave in Jammu & Kashmir.

Treatments Available at Dermawave

Besides hair transplant, Dermawave is also known for its hair transplant as well as skin and cosmetics related surgeries The range of services we provide are:
  • Hair Treatment Services
  • Laser Skin Care Treatment
  • Aesthetic Treatment
  • Anti Aging Treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment
  • Rhinoplasty Surgery
  • Face Lift surgery
  • Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Breast Lift Surgery
  • Why Should You Choose Dermawave for Hair Transplant in Srinagar

    As long as the cost is concerned, it can vary with the complexity of patient's health and required treatment. However, it's much affordable comparing to any other hair transplant clinic.

    Needless to mention that laser treatment does not involve flesh cut or bleeding and pain. If you are curious to know the heating duration, it may take for transplanted area one to two weeks to get fully healed or proper strength. You must visit our FAQ section for other questions related to hair transplant

    The surgical team is formed with expert surgeons such as
    • Dr. Sumit Sharma - Specialist in Dermatology/Cosmetology (RIMS)
    • Dr. Cheena Langar - MBBS, MD, Dermatology, Leprology & Venerology (GMC Jammu)
    • Dr. Tapeshwar SeghalDNB(Plastic Surgery)
    • Patient's satisfaction is Our prime motive and key role for success thus you can trust us and our work .

      A lot of satisfied customer from Srinagar region has claimed to receive best treatment from Dermawave, Jammu & Kashmir. Definitely, this is the must visit place for anyone who is in need of any kind of hair treatment or available surgery as mentioned above.

      You must visit our Blogs Section for detailed knowledge of terms related to hair restoration

      So, for getting consultation from Our panel of expert and professional doctors Contact Us

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