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Baldness is a very annoying problem that maximum people are having nowadays because of polluted environment and unhealthy consumption of food.It looks really annoying when you lose your hair in your teenage, the best way to treat baldness issue is by Hair Implanting which you can get from a good hair transplant center. Are you from Pathankot? Looking for the Best Hair Transplant center nearby you than visiting Dermawave hair transplant center in Jammu & Kashmiris most suggested and recommended.

Jammu is only 110.3 km away from Pathankot, Punjab and it will take you only 2hrs 20mins in traveling. As Jammu is very near to Pathankot, Punjab you can visit the Dermawave health care center in Jammu & Kashmir. We have the best health care center in your area with experienced doctors and lots of equipment. Not only this we also provide much other treatment at an affordable price as compared to the other health care center.

Various Treatments available in Dermawave health care center:

In our healthcare center we not only do Hair Implantation Surgery, but we also do the following surgery that is given below:

So these are all the treatment that you can do in our health care at an affordable price with our expert doctors.

How much time is needed to cure hair grafting?:

In our health care center, we do Hair Grafting in an advanced way.There will be no excessive bleeding while surgery and less pain.The surgery will take place for some 8-10 hours because removing hair follicle really takes lots of time. After the surgery, you will feel itchiness and pain in the scalp which will get fine after some few hours. Talking about the growth of the newly implanted hair, you will see small growth in some 12-15 days of surgery. So this is all the reason why you should you choose Dermawave, so if you want to do Hair Grafting and searching health center nearby Pathankot then you must visit our health care center as soon as possible.

Reasons to choose Dermawave:

You might think why should you choose Dermawave. I must tell you that we are having new and latest technology which will you not find in any other health care center in India.Not only this we do many treatments and surgery at a nominal price as compare to other care center and we also have lots of experts and experienced doctors. Let me give you some name from our expert panel surgeons.

  • Dr.Sachin Agarwal: Dr.Sachin has done his dermatology and cosmetology from the RIMS, Ranchi on 2008. He is the most renowned dermatologist in Ghaziabad and NCR for more than 8 years.
  • Dr.Sumit Sharma: Dr.Sumit Sharma has also done his specialization on dermatology and cosmetology from RIMS, Ranchi in 2005 and did his MBBS from UCMS, Delhi. He is also one of the expert Hair Implant Surgeons in Haryana.
  • Dr.Mona Sharma: She has also done specialization in Dermatology and Cosmetology from PGIMS, Rohtak in 2005. She has got the experience of Hair Grafting for at least 10 years. So you see we are having lots of experienced doctors and we do treatment at an affordable price. This is the reason why if you are looking for the Best Hair Transplant in Pathankot, you must visit at a nearest Dermawave center that is in Jammu.

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