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Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic Provides the best hair transplant in Panipat with the use of advanced FUE & FUT technique at a cheap and affordable cost. Hair Transplant is becoming one of the most important need of the Indian Population as half of the Indian population end up losing their hair in their 20's and try everything to get rid of the baldness but end up only wasting their time and money for them hair transplant is the best unbeatable and everlasting solution to this problem, But then the question arises where to go for hair transplant? So, You should be 100% sure before getting a hair transplant and if you are from Panipat and are looking for a hair transplant surgery then Dermawave will be the best option for you there are millions of clinics in Panipat that claim to provide you the best hair transplant surgery but somewhere fail to justify their words.

Some of the reasons to choose Dermawave

Dermawave Clinic is equipped with the best surgeons and best techniques we provide you with the optimum hair transplant surgeries at a really affordable cost. Our Clinic is one of the most reputed hair transplants and holds a huge list of satisfied patients.Not only the natives of Panipat but also people from other states come to get their hair transplanted from our clinic due to the availability of best services in affordable in the most attainable cost. We have branches in all over the country which provides freedom to the patients to choose the best suitable clinic in their nearby location

How Much time does it require to get recovery from hair transplant

It is one of the most common and frequent question asked by the patients before getting a hair transplant, So there is nothing to get panic about it, Hair Transplant is not a long and time taking surgery it takes maximum 6 hours to get your hair implanted and sometimes even less than that and the surgery won't affect your daily routines and day to day work you are allowed to get back to your work just the next after the surgery and the wounds of the surgery gets healed automatically after 7 -10 days of surgery, Patients are worried that whether there would be scars left after the surgery, So it is nothing more than a fallacy there are no scars left after the surgery and it doesn't even look like that you have gone through any kind of surgery ever. You should have a look at Our FAQ section to get more details about the surgery and procedures and other question related to the treatment.

Pricing Of Hair Transplant at Dermawave Clinic

At Dermawave we offer you the best hair restoration surgeries in a cheap and affordable cost not only hair transplant we also provide other skin and cosmetic surgeries. The pricing at Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic is the much cheaper as compared to that of other hair transplant centers which charge a really high amount that is unaffordable for many patients.

Our Team

  • Dr.Sumit Sharma -specialized in dermatology and cosmetology RIMS, Ranchi (2005)
  • Dr.Mona Sharma – Dermatologist and Cosmetologist
  • Dr.Dhiraj – MBBS, MGIMS Sevagram (2010), also MD in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy.
  • Dr.Tapeshewar Sehgal – DNB in plastic surgery, LNJP Hospital (MAMC) in the year 2007.
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