Hair Transplant Kathua

Hair Transplant is the common treatment that people goes through now in this era. But why is that? This is because of hair baldness issues. Furthermore, Hair Implantation is a scientific technique that eventually moves some hair follicles from one part of your head called Donor Area. As a result, the baldness part is called Recipient Area. Hair Grafting is the best way to get rid of the bald head. However, if you are from Kathua and searching for Hair Transplant in Kathua then it would be better if you travel Jammu & Kashmir and visit Dermawave Hair Clinic which is only 81 km via NH44. With just 1hr 22min you will reach your destination.

Apart from Jammu & Kashmir, we also have other major Dermawave centers like Panipat, Ghaziabad, Kurukshetra etc.In this clinic, there are many expertise doctors that do their best to take proper and complete care of their patient. Also, in all these centers, you get Hair Restoration at a low price.

Different Types of Treatments in Dermawave Center:

In our Clinic, we give many other treatments apart from Hair Implantation. All the treatments are done by latest technologies.
Not only all these treatments. Dermawave Clinic Provides you the number of choices of treatments related to hair transplant and Skin surgeries.

How Many Days Needed For Hair Transplantation To Get Cured?

Basically, to get cured, it just needs only 8-9 days. This is because Hair Grafting is done with no pain and no bleeding. As a result, the treatments here in our health care are done scarless. Therefore, as we have mentioned above that mostly hair follicles are taken from the back of your head. It would take the recipient to get completely cured within 10-12 days. Ultimately, after some days, the bald head will be covered.If you have any other queries related to Hair Transplantation Go through our FAQ section

Pricing Requirements For Hair Restoration in Dermawave:

There are also other places for Hair Transplant in Kathua but they may charge you more. But Dermawave Clinic provides you the optimum services at a reasonable cost and we have several branches across the country so you have the liberty to choose the center which is most suitable for you.To get more details Visit our Blogs section

Why Choose Dermawave Clinic?

You must be thinking why would you choose our clinic, what is so special behind our clinic? Well, you must be aware that we have reputed doctors who have experienced over 10 years in Hair Grafting. Here we provide you the team of extremely professional doctors who are completely devoted to the betterment of the patients. List of doctors is: Dr.Mona Sharma, Dr.Sumit Sharma, Dr.Sachin Agarwal (Specialist in cosmetology and dermatology) along with other renowned doctors, Dr. Cheena Langar, Dr.Tapeshwar Sehgal, and Dr.Dhiraj.

All of them are the most famous or popular doctors of our clinic who has more than 5000 happy, pleased customers satisfied by their surgeries. Hence, instead of Hair Transplant in Kathua, visit our clinic in Jammu & Kashmir soon. So, Schedule your Appointment today with our team of expert doctors.

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