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Nowadays one of the most common problems is baldness, if you are one of those who are suffering from this then don't be sad? we are here to help you, Hair Transplant is one of the best and complete solutions of baldness problem.

So if you are from Delhi and searching for the Best Hair Implantation centre nearby you, then I would like you to suggest to visit the Dermawave Hair Transplant in Ghaziabad which is only 43.4 km away from Delhi and you will need to travel some 1hr 31mins. Dermawave has many Hair Grafting Centres in many cities like Ghaziabad, Kurukshetra, Panipat and Jammu & Kashmir.

Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic will provide you with the best treatment as we are having many reputed surgeons and we also use many advanced methods and technologies. The price of the treatment is also affordable in our hair transplant centres. For more queries related to hair transplant, you must have a look on The Blogs segment of our official site.

Various Treatments Available in Dermawave Clinic in Delhi

You can not only do Hair Grafting in Dermawave, but you can also do another various kind of treatments that you can do in Dermawave which I am going to list down below.

So these are all the treatments that you can do in our Dermawave Clinic. Not only Hair Transplant Surgery, if you are having any problem related to breast, aging, and skin you can visit our care centre and get the best treatment done at an affordable price with expert surgeons and dermatologist.

How much time does hair grafting take to get cured?

Now you are going to know about how much time does Hair Grafting needs to completely get cured. The hair grafting surgery will take at least 8-9 hours as our experts will remove the hair follicles from the scalp and donor areas and then plant new hair. So the Hair Implantation will be scar free and our experts also make sure that no excessive bleeding will take place.

After the surgery, you will feel itching and stretch in the scalp, but it will be fine after 1-2 days. Overall saying the problems that you have faced after the surgery will get cured within a one or two weeks. For further queries join our FAQ section

Why Should You Choose Dermawave Clinic?

In our Dermawave, there are many new types of equipment that most of the health care centre doesn't have. Not only this there are many experienced doctors but yet the price is very much affordable than the other health care centre, for which you should have to come for hair transplant at Dermawave.

  • Dr.Sumit Sharma: He has done his MBBS from UCMS, Delhi and done his specialization in dermatology and cosmetology from RIMS, Ranchi. Dr.Sumit Sharma has got more than 11 years of experience and is the Best Hair Grafting doctor in Haryana.
  • Dr.Mona Sharma: She is one of our experienced doctors. She has done specialization in Dermatology and cosmetology PGIMS Rohtak in the year 2005 and she has 15 years of experience in hair grafting.
  • Dr.Sachin Agarwal He has done his specialization in dermatology and cosmetology in RIMS Ranchi on 2008.He is one of the best and known Hair Grafting expert in Ghaziabad as he is having more than 8 years of experience.

We have many other professional and experienced doctors in the different field that undergone all treatment cautiously.

So this is all the reason why you must visit Dermawave health care centre, get your appointment today to get a solution for your problems.

We have lots of satisfied customers, so if you are looking for nearest hair transplant in Delhi then you must visit the health care centre of Ghaziabad. For further information contact us.

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