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Baldness is now a common or general problem with aged people and it is found that even young people are becoming victims of this problem. So, it is one of the major problems arising among the people of all generations and hair transplant surgery is one of the best way to get rid of this problem. If you are from Bahadurgarh and searching for Hair Transplant in Bahadurgarh then We would suggest you to go to Ghaziabad and visit Dermawave Hair Transplant which is only 62.7 km away from Bahadurgarh.

We have our Dermawave centre in four major cities such as Panipat, Jammu & Kashmir, Ghaziabad and Kurukshetra. All the centres provides best and qyality treatment to patients and there are experienced panels of Doctors who do the Hair Implantation. You can get hair grafting at an ideal cost in all centres of Dermawave.

Various treatments available at Dermawave:

Dermawave offers various kinds of treatments apart from hair grafting, such as So,for cosmetic and hair transplant surgery Dermawave is the best suggested hair clinic where you can get satisfaction and treatment both at an affordable prices.

How much time does hair grafting takes to get cured?

The Hair Transplant Surgery is completely scar free and there is no excessive bleeding or pain occurs in this process. So, it basically takes 8 to 9 hours for your hair to completely get strengthen and cured.

It also depends on the kinds of Hair Grafting Surgery you prefer to have for yourself. The hair follicles are taken most of the time from the back of your head which we called the donor area. Hence, the donor zone will take atleast 10 to 12 days to grow hair and cover the donor area. To get more details for other related questions visit our FAQ section.

Pricing of hair grafting in Dermawave:

Dermawave is the best hair transplant centre that provides quality treatment to patients. There may be other centre for Hair Transplant in Bahadurgarh but they might charge more money. Thus, for best treatment and pricing, We suggest you to go to Dermawave centre in Ghaziabad which is only 62.7 km away from Bahadurgarh. To get a nice overview of prices, details and techniques visit our Blogs section

Why to choose Dermawave?

You might be thinking what is the speciality about Dermawave hair transplant centre? Well all centres of Dermawave has experienced,skilled and professional doctors who personally takes care of all treatments. Here are the lists of doctors:

  • Dr. Sumit Sharma: He has done his specialisation in dermatology as well as cosmetology in RIMS Ranchi and experience of more than 10 years.
  • Dr.Mona Sharma:Specialized in Dermatology and Cosmetology from PGIMS Rohtak with experience of 15 years.
  • Dr.Sachin Agarwal: Done his degree and specialization is dermatology and cosmetology in RIMS, Ranchi with minimum experience of 9 years.

Thus, Dermawave hair transplant centre in Ghaziabad is one of the best places to get your hair treatment. It is the most reliable and trustable center for Hair Transplant with more than 5200 satisfied customers. We provide the best hair restoration services at a cheap and reasonable cost. You may take reference from our Gallery section to get to know about our Before/After results.

So to get your hair transplant today and get a whole new attractive look and confidence Contact Us today.

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