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Are you from Ambala city and a resident of Haryana, India? Are you looking for the Best Hair Transplant in Ambala, then visit our Dermawave Hair clinic center which is located in different parts of India like in Kurukshetra, Panipat, Ghaziabad and Jammu & Kashmir as well.

If you are residing in the city of Ambala then our center Kurukshetra will be nearer to you. To reach the destination you will have to travel from Ambala, Haryana to the Dermawave Skin, Laser & Hair Transplantation Center

If you travel by car then you will have to travel a total distance of 55 km and duration of at least 54 min via Jammu to Delhi Road. In case, if you are traveling by rail it will take a maximum of 1 hour and 37 minutes to reach the destination.

Services offer by Dermawave Hair Clinic:

We take proper care of the patient those who seek hair transplant, and we are specialized in skin care treatment we also deliver laser hair removal treatment facilities. Visit our website and consult with our doctors on the hair problems that you are facing presently.

Some of the services that Dermawave Hair Clinic provide are-

How much time does it need to get complete cure of the hair transplant?

It requires only a couple of days to get complete cure of the wounds that lefts after hair restoration. Maximum 1 to 3 days will need to get stronger into the roots of your transplanted hair. The curing time also depends on the kind of hair transplant process that you have undergone. Our FAQ segment will give you a brief description of your related queries

After the seven days of surgery, you will reach a point where you might notice few swelling and red portion of your scalp. There is nothing to worry about it, these are just normal and will be alright in a very less durable of time.

Pricing of Hair transplant at Dermawave Hair Clinic:

At Dermawave hair Clinic, we offer the best services to the people at a cheap price. While comparing to the other hair clinics which are located nearby Kurukshetra, it is very cheap and affordable compared to any other hair transplant center.

Why Choose Hair Transplant at Dermawave hair Clinic?

Hair Transplant at Kurukshetra center of Dermawave takes care of the patients by providing its best services. All the treatments are done by the professional doctors with their years of experiences in the field of hair transplant and other treatment as well.

  • Dr.Sumit Sharma - who is specialized in dermatology and cosmetology RIMS, Ranchi (2005)
  • Dr.Mona Sharma – has completed her profession course in dermatology & cosmetology PGIMS, Rothak (2005)
  • Dr.Dhiraj – done his course on MBBS, MGIMS Sevagram (2010), also MD in dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy.
  • Dr.TapeshewarSehgal – he has completed his DNB in plastic surgery, LNJP Hospital (MAMC) in the year 2007.

So get the best hair transplantation services at a reasonable price and get fixed your appointment today

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